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Redwort is a cosmetic flora species found in the Arctic Kelp Forest and the Shallow Twisty Bridges. It is also found growing in Ventgardens. By cutting it with the knife, the player can obtain Redwort Seeds.


Redwort consists of a cluster of long, dark red stalks growing out circular, red-orange leaves spotted with holes. The leaves' size gradually decrease towards the top.

The relative has an appearance that is almost identical to the Redwort, though it has a yellowish band around the edges of the leaves rather than the orange band seen in the Redwort.

Redwort emits a dull red bioluminescent glow during night time.

Data Bank Entry

Redwort-0 (BZ).png

A common plant adaptable to many different environments, the redwort is a staple part of the diet of many smaller herbivores.

Source: Scan Redworts