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The Reinforced Dive Suit is a piece of equipment that is crafted from heavily armored fibers. It cuts damage taken by 50%, increases heat resistance from 50° to 70° but reduces swim speed by 0.95 m/s.

The Reinforced Dive Suit consists of two items: the Reinforced Dive Suit and the Reinforced Gloves. Both items are added to the inventory when the suit is crafted. Each item must be placed in the body and gloves slot of the PDA, respectively, for them to take effect. When not worn, each item takes up four spaces (2×2) in the inventory.


The Reinforced Dive Suit is predominantly light gray and darker gray, the latter being nearly black. Orange stripes adorn the torso, legs, and forearms. Silver patches are present on the shoulders, thighs, and knees. Three of the aforementioned are present on the forearms.


The fragment for the Reinforced Dive Suit can be found in the sleeping quarters in the bow section of the Mercury II.

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Data Bank Entry

Reinforced Dive Suit
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This suit is reinforced with synthetic fibers to reduce incoming physical and thermal damage.

- Shock absorption reduces physical impact velocity by approximately 50%
- Rated for temperatures up to 70 degrees
- Disclaimer: You are not invulnerable when wearing this suit

'The Reinforced Dive Suit: Why take chances, when you can take Alterra?'

Source: Unlock the Reinforced Dive Suit