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The River Prowler is a large, aggressive fauna species that dwells exclusively in the Lost River.


The River Prowler has a thin, elongated body with many protrusions coming from both the top and bottom and a spine-like structure visible within its transparent body. The head is fleshy red in color, featuring two round, yellow eyes, a large jaw with many visible sharp teeth, and four tendrils trailing behind its head.

The majority of the River Prowler's body, including the internal organs, is transparent, emitting a faint white bioluminescent glow.

Part of its skeletal system is visible, although, oddly enough, none of its organs.


The River Prowler will lash out its tendrils when attacking, and then pull them back. It will use its tendrils to pull in its prey, and then proceed to mow it down using its large jaw. This behavior is similar to that of the Reaper Leviathan.

The River Prowler will let out ghastly hisses and snarls should anything get too close.


Data Bank Entry

RIver Prwoler.png

A fast, agile predator discovered at great depths.

1. Jaws:
Powerful jaws used for both savaging prey and warding off larger predators.

2. Torso:
Its eel-like torso is highly vulnerable, consisting predominantly of spinal column and cartilage. It shows significant overlap with other eel-like predators on 4546B.

3. Attack Profile:
It will aggressively keep its jaws facing its opponent, but smaller, faster lifeforms may have the advantage.

Assessment: Avoid



  • The in-development name for the River Prowler was Lost River Bone Shark and later, the Spine Eel.
  • In early development, the River Prowler used the AI and the sounds of the Boneshark.
  • The River Prowler was once able to attack the Cyclops along with the Boneshark and Lava Lizard.
  • The River Prowlers are one of the few carnivores in the game that don't lay eggs (they might have, but the later are nowhere to be found).