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The Rouge Cradle is a large flora species. It is purely decorative and practical only as a dim light source around Seabases.

They can typically be found in the Grassy Plateaus Caves and the Northern Blood Kelp Zone, often hidden away in alcoves and small grottos, as well as on Reefback Leviathans.

By cutting the plant with the knife, the player can obtain Rouge Cradle Seeds.


The Rouge Cradle consists of a glowing yellow bulb, enclosed by a dull-red cage. It has a small star shaped blue base, that elevates it slightly off the ground.

Data Bank Entry

Rouge Cradle-0.png

A complex, cave-dwelling flora specimen. The bright yellow core of this plant is protected by a rigid cage, presumably to ward off medium-sized herbivores.



  • The Rouge Cradle was originally called the Red Basket Plant.
  • This species bears a striking resemblance to, and was possibly modeled after, the real-life cage fungus.