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This article is about Ruby in Subnautica. Click here for information on this subject in Below Zero.

Ruby is a raw material commonly found throughout the Grand Reef, Lost River, and the Deep Sparse Reef. It is used for advanced vehicle construction and modification. It is most commonly found on thermal vents.


Rubies appear as white rocks with four short, red mineral spikes jutting outward, giving them a generally realistic appearance. They have a small glow at night which makes them much easier to find

Uses in Crafting


Gel Sack.pngRuby.pngArrow-right (1).pngFabricator.pngArrow-right (1).pngAerogel.png

Vehicle Upgrade Console

Plasteel Ingot.pngNickel Ore.pngNickel Ore.pngNickel Ore.pngRuby.pngRuby.pngArrow-right (1).pngVehicle Upgrade Console.pngArrow-right (1).pngPrawn Suit Depth Module MK1.png

Cyclops Fabricator

Plasteel Ingot.pngRuby.pngRuby.pngRuby.pngArrow-right (1).pngCyclops Upgrade Console.pngArrow-right (1).pngCyclops Depth Module MK1.png

Habitat Builder

Advanced Wiring Kit.pngRuby.pngRuby.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngPower Cell Charger.png

Modification Station

Seamoth Depth Module MK2.pngPlasteel Ingot.pngRuby.pngRuby.pngRuby.pngArrow-right (1).pngModification Station.pngArrow-right (1).pngSeamoth Depth Module MK3.png

Data Bank Entry

A hard, blood-red gemstone, made of aluminum oxide. Rubies may be processed in order to leverage their structural integrity in advanced vehicle construction and modification.

Assessment: Essential for advanced fabrication



  • The former name for Ruby was Aluminum Oxide Crystal.
    • Ruby is a form of aluminum oxide, which the Ruby shares its original name with. This is also mentioned in the item's description, as a chemical formula.