This article is about the Safe Shallows. You may be looking for the Safe Shallows Caves.

The Safe Shallows is the first biome encountered by the player, as it is where Lifepod 5 crashed. This is also the starting point of the game, located at the center of the map.


The Safe Shallows contains coral reefs sprawling over a large part of the area, with small cave systems that can be found beneath the surface. As the name implies, this biome is one of the safest in the game, as it is a relatively shallow area, there are few environmental hazards and no predators call this biome home. However, caution should still be taken for the occasional Gasopods passing through, and the caves are frequently home to hostile Crashfish. Stalkers may also wander into the biome, though they will never go very far from the Kelp Forests (however, Stalkers have been observed nudging Lifepod 5 while the player is inside, causing it to list slightly and momentarily). The same applies for Sand Sharks which will wander away from the Grassy Plateaus.

The Safe Shallows offers plentiful diving experiences for all players, especially newcomers, as it is home to a variety of life forms; corals, fauna (mostly edible), and flora alike, with a great abundance of harvestable materials. It is one of the most colorful biomes in the game.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

At some point before he died, Bart Torgal built a base and Seamoth either here or the Crash Zone. This appears in the cinematic trailer, but is not actually implemented.