Safe Shallows Caves


Detecting sulfur deposits in the local cave systems. Sulfur is an essential component of the repair tool.


The Safe Shallows Caves are multiple small cave systems found throughout the Safe Shallows, most too small to pilot a Seamoth through. While they can be a treasure trove of resources, they are also home to one of the two defensive fauna found in the Safe Shallows, the Crashfish, making them fairly dangerous if one doesn't take caution while exploring them as they can easily outnumber and kill a player without a Reinforced Dive Suit, Seaglide or propulsion/repulsion cannon. In this area Limestone and Sandstone outcrops can be found.


  • There are boulders blocking certain cave entrances. These can be moved with a Propulsion Cannon or drilled using a Prawn Suit with the Drill Arm upgrade, similar to Large Resource Deposits. More often than not, the player won't find these boulders as they tend to disappear by clipping through the seafloor.
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