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We will be lost unless we find a new host.

Al-An, in response to Robin

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Sanctuary Zero is an Architect Base that is located in the Twisty Bridges. It serves as a location for the Architects to transfer their consciousness to during an emergency.

If the player scans an Architect Artifact after recieving the SOS, but fails to download Al-An, they will recieve a beacon marking the location of Sanctuary Zero. The entrance to the tunnel is however 200m to the northeast of this marker, directly beside the data box containing Rebreather


Sanctuary Zero is a location that Robin Ayou visits while she is stranded in Sector Zero. After receiving an Alien Transmission from the Sanctuary, Robin attempts to locate the facility and discover the source. When Robin enters the facility, she encounters Al-An. An announcement from the Sanctuary reveals that the facility's power is low, and that Al-An will die if not removed from the Sanctuary. Robin attempts to save Al-An by downloading him onto her PDA, but accidentally downloads him into her brain. The Sanctuary then powers down, and Robin exits with Al-An still in her brain.

Central Cavern

The area leading up to the Cube Room is a large cavern with several bridges, one of which has been destroyed by a large boulder. Water can be seen leaking from the top of the cavern. At the far end of the cavern is a corridor Leading up to the Cube Room.

3 Ion Cubes can be found in the corridor leading into the Cube Room. Alien Robots also patrol this area.

Cube Room

The Main Feature of the Sanctuary, the Cube room is where Al-An resides. An Architect Containment Cube containing Al-An's conciousness can be seen suspended in mid-air in the center of the chamber. Located at the back of the room is a small ramp leading up to the Consciousness Transfer Device, which allows Robin to download Al-An's Consciousness.

Shortly after the transfer is complete, the Sanctuary's power completely fails, and the Containment Cube falls to pieces.

Relevant Databank Entries

Architect Containment Cube
Precursor Sanctuary Cube Ency.png

While advanced human civilization has attempted for centuries to develop successful ‘whole brain emulation’ techniques, it appears that the Architect race has built a platform for accomplishing this holy grail of life extension technology.

Physically, the containment cube appears to be comprised of a redundant array of quantum holographic storage layers, supporting a hyper-dense capacity of 35 bits per electron.

The energy field that feeds a suspended, animated cube also serves to power the operating software, allowing the intelligence in storage to maintain consciousness throughout the storage period.

Once a stored consciousness has been transferred out of the cube, the component parts will become inert. Without witnessing and carefully observing the backup process, it is difficult to ascertain how the transfer works, and whether or not the process is truly lossless.

Source: Scan the cube in Sanctuary Zero


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Xenobiology Achievement.png Xenobiology

Encounter a sapient alien lifeform.

How to obtain: Find Sanctuary Zero and initiate the download sequence in the storage cube's chamber.