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The Scaly Maw Anemone is an aquatic flora species that grows in the Shallow Twisty Bridges.


The Scaly Maw Anemone's main body is an arched stalk covered in dark blue scales that has a glowing, neon-cyan fleshy top made of brightly-glowing tentacles. The Scaly Maw Anemone is anchored to the ground by dark greenish-blue roots.

Databank Entry

Scaly Maw Anemone
Mohawk Plant Ency.png

The scaly maw anemone prefers shallow water and ample exposure to sunlight, and exists in a symbiotic relationship with a species of vibrant algae that live atop the anemone’s trunk. These algae thrive in the sun and create a thin scaly bacterial mat around the structure of the anemone as they feed on other microorganisms that filter through the anemone’s waterspace.

Source: Scan Scaly Maw Anemones



  • The Scaly Maw Anemone Plant along with the Twisty Bridges were intended to be implemented in the first Subnautica but were cut early in development.
  • In the original Subnautica's early development, there were 3 Scaly Maw Anemone Plants in the Jellyshroom Caves, but they were removed in the next update.
  • It's original name in Subnautica was simply Mohawk.