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This skeleton is found in the Lost River Junction. It belonged to a Sea Dragon Leviathan that attacked the Disease Research Facility in an attempt to retrieve an egg belonging to it. The Precursors had taken the egg in hope it would reveal the hatching mechanisms of Sea Emperor Leviathan Eggs, likely due to the similar physical appearances of these two species. It also suggests they share a common ancestor. The Sea Dragon's attack on the facility destroyed it, but also caused fatal head trauma to the Sea Dragon; it died not long after the attack. The remains are approximately one thousand years old.

Data Bank Entry[]


The semi-intact skeletal structure of a leviathan class predator.

1. Head Trauma:
There is clear evidence of massive physical trauma to the head. The damage is so severe it was likely the cause of death, and must have occurred somewhere nearby. Damage is consistent with a high speed collision with a solid object.

2. Age:
Something in the environment has helped to preserve these remains, but calcium decay suggests an approximate time of death one thousand years ago. Bone growth suggests the creature was in the egg-laying stage of its lifecycle.