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The Sea Emperor Baby is a passive creature belonging to the Fauna category.

Five Sea Emperor Leviathan Eggs are found in the aquarium of the Primary Containment Facility, being kept alive by the Incubator Device.

These eggs are unable to hatch due to the environment in the Emperor aquarium being designed to match the ideal conditions for an adult Sea Emperor Leviathan, rather than a Sea Emperor Baby. As a result, the Precursor Race planned to use the unborn emperors as a cure for the Kharaa Bacterium, as their parent was not a viable source of Enzyme 42. Due to this, the eggs themselves are hundreds of years old.

These eggs must be hatched by using certain items at some point in the story. In order to hatch them, the player will need to collect various flora in order to create Hatching Enzymes. These enzymes will trigger the eggs to hatch and allow the babies to be born.


The babies mostly resemble adult Sea Emperor Leviathans in appearance, though there are a few differences in their proportions.

  • The head has a much narrower appearance
  • The eyes are much larger in comparison to the head than those of an adult Sea Emperor Leviathan
  • The mandibles are smaller and are further away from the mouth
  • The arms are much shorter and more rounded
  • The upper body is far shorter, though the lower body is mostly the same proportion-wise.
  • They have a defined neck, unlike adult Sea Emperor Leviathan.
  • Where an adult Sea Emperor Leviathan has two large structures on either side of the head, a baby has two small lumps.


The Sea Emperor Babies are offspring of the last surviving Sea Emperor Leviathan, having been unable to hatch outside of their natural conditions, the player must gather various flora in order to create Hatching Enzymes, which will then allow the eggs to finally hatch.

Because the Precursors had not learned how to hatch the Sea Emperor Leviathan Eggs naturally, they extracted a Sea Emperor Baby fetus from its egg and dissected it. This did nothing to further their cause.

The Sea Emperor Babies, like their parent, are also able to produce Enzyme 42, albeit in a more stable form. Once the babies have hatched, the adult Sea Emperor Leviathan will begin to die, as it has been old and sick while waiting for its offspring to be born.

After being hatched by the player, the Sea Emperor Babies will play with their parent for a short while, before being escorted to the Arch to go through it, going to various biomes where they will become juveniles.

Data Bank Entry


A juvenile emperor specimen. It is producing a highly potent form of Enzyme 42, which should be capable of fully curing individuals of the alien bacterium.

This species hatches relatively fully formed and independent, perhaps reflecting the fact they must fend for themselves when they are first born away from their parents.

This specimen is healthy, and exhibiting signs of a positive attitude to life.


Found preserved in a display case, it was likely a child of the adult specimen contained within the facility.

- Superficial damage to the specimen indicates it was artificially removed from its egg-casing
- Stunted tissue development suggests the organism expired during the removal process
- Tissue samples have been taken from the digestive tract

- It appears the aliens were attempting to formulate a cure for the bacterium from enzymes produced in this specimen's digestive system
- Without a young, healthy specimen these efforts were in vain


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OptimalHealthAchievement.png Optimal Health

Cure the infection

How to obtain: The player must communicate with the Sea Emperor Leviathan and hatch the Sea Emperor Infants in order to obtain Enzyme 42. The player must complete the entire healing cutscene in order to obtain the achievement.