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This article is about the Sea Monkey. You may be looking for the Sea Monkey Baby.

The Sea Monkey is a medium-sized, intelligent fauna species with a habit of stealing interesting objects.


The Sea Monkey is predominantly light purple in color, with a larger blue stripe going down from its head to its forearm, and a smaller yellow stripe stretching down to its tail. It has a pair of two-fingered squat forearms, each finger ending with a round yellow suction cup. The underside of the body is pale gray and has a long fin that ends with a notch before the tail. Above this fin on the dorsal side are a pair of more rounded fins with a small triangular dorsal fin in front of them. There are two slit-shaped openings on the body, one on the chest and another on the lower flank. A pair of antenna-like protrusions are seen on the lower jaw, colored purple and tipped with blue. Adorning the top of the head is a large crest that can fold in and out. The crest is split into four sections of pale blue and edged with yellow.


The Sea Monkey is passive and spends most of its time swimming aimlessly. However, if the player is holding a tool, it will approach them and attempt to steal the item. This "attack" has two cues: A distinct chirping call from the creature and an animation of it holding still, level with the player, and wiggling its fingers. This is followed by a fast-straight-line charge that can be evaded by moving quickly to the sides. If the player puts away their equipment before the Sea Monkey touches them (press E or the number key for the equipped item), it will still perform the lunge animation but will not take anything.

If the Sea Monkey makes contact while Robin still has an item in her hands, a short animation plays of trying to fend the creature off. The player can't control Robin while this is playing. The Sea Monkey can steal every tool from the player. It can also pick up dropped equipment, vehicle upgrades and metals. After stealing an item, the Sea Monkey will either flee or sometimes taunt the player with it by swimming in circles around them.

An item a Sea Monkey is holding can be retrieved immediately in two ways: Either by attacking the creature with a weapon such as the Survival Knife which will force it to drop the item and flee, or by swimming close and looking directly at the item in its hands to receive a "use" prompt to take it back. The hit box for a tool in a Sea Monkey's hand is fairly small, so it requires precise aim.

If the player leaves the vicinity of a Sea Monkey that has stolen an object, it will store the object in a nearby Sea Monkey Nest.

A Sea Monkey will also steal some Deployables from the player's hand, including the Seaglide and Beacons. Stolen beacons will activate while held or stored in a nest. If a Sea Monkey steals a Flashlight from the player, it will remain lit.

Sea Monkeys can also steal certain dropped electronics - Batteries, Power Cells, Ion Batteries, Ion Power Cells and undepleted Reactor Rods are among their favorites. They will also take Camera Drones, both idle and in use. If the player controls the Camera Drone while it is stored in a nest, they can smash the roof open by repeatedly slamming the drone into the roof.

In addition to the above, Sea Monkeys will pick up dropped metals, including Copper Ore, Gold, Nickel Ore, and Silver Ore. It will not take ores directly from outcrops, but it can steal Nickel Ore that has been untouched, as they are not in outcrops. This only occurs in the Lilypad Islands biome as the Arctic Kelp Caves do not contain Nickel Ore. Current Q&A reports indicate that Sea Monkeys stealing Nickel Ore from its spawn locations is regarded as a bug.

Sea Monkeys are afraid of Flares; if the player is holding one, it will turn and swim away from the player at a moderately faster pace. However, if a Flare is in a Supply Box or floating freely while unlit, they can still take it.

After the player goes to Sanctuary Zero and retrieves Al-An, Sea Monkeys will no longer steal items from the player and will instead offer gifts of resources. By default they offer Creepvine Sample, Creepvine Seed Cluster, Titanium, Copper Ore, and Quartz. With relevant blueprints pinned, they can also offer Crystalline Sulfur, Diamond, Gold, Lead, Lithium, Magnetite, Nickel Ore, Ruby, Salt Deposit, Silver Ore, and Table Coral Sample. If the offer is ignored or refused, the Sea Monkey will drop items sorrowfully. If a Sea Monkey Nest is nearby when a Sea Monkey attempts to offer the player a resource, there's a chance that the Sea Monkey will deposit it inside the nest if the player fails to take the item.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

If Al-An transfers to Storage Medium in the Fabricator Base, Sea Monkeys will not offer the player resources and return to the original disposition.

Data Bank Entry

Sea Monkey
Sea Monkey Ency.png

A medium-sized and intelligent herbivore which shows great interest in other lifeforms and their possessions. More research is needed to understand this lifeform and its behaviour.

- Two finger-like appendages on each forearm are tipped with suction pads for basic object manipulation
- Its large turquoise crest is made of rigid bone is possibly used as a ram, although this has not been observed
- Sea Monkeys roam the ocean almost playfully, largely fearless of predators
- Seen to form small nests where they hoard objects of interest for unknown purposes

Assessment: Investigate with caution

Source: Scan Sea Monkeys


The fingers of the Sea Monkey are inspired by those of several tree frog species, sharing the toe pads seen on many of them.

The head of the creature is inspired by that of the beluga whale, while the lower body is somewhat similar in appearance to the body of the black ghost knifefish.


File Type
Gimme 1
Gimme 2
Gimme 3
Fast swim 1
Fast swim 2
Fast swim 3
Fast swim 4
Fast swim 5
Fast swim 6
Fast swim 6
See Shiny 1
See Shiny 2
Slow swim 1
Slow swim 2
Slow swim 3
Slow swim 4
Slow swim 5
Slow swim 6
Steal 1
Steal 2
Taunt 1
Taunt 2
Taunt 3



  • In addition to normal Below Zero items that the Sea Monkey can steal, it can also take both Cyclops and Seamoth upgrades, the cut version of Uranium, Bioscanner, Hardened Blade, and the Radiation Helmet, none of which are present in Below Zero without cheats.
  • Sea Monkeys are currently the only creatures in both Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero shown to construct purpose-built nests for their eggs: the only other creature shown to have nesting behavior was the Ghost Leviathan.
  • The original concept of the Sea Monkey was a relative to the Crabsquid, the Pygmy Crabsquid (also known as a "Grabsquid")
  • If the player pins related blueprint recipes Sea Monkeys will offer the player related materials.
  • The Sea Monkey is not based on the real life Sea monkey.