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This article is about the Sea Monkey Baby. You may be looking for the Sea Monkey.

The Sea Monkey Baby is a small passive fauna species and the juvenile form of the Sea Monkey.

It hatches from a Sea Monkey Egg when placed in an alien containment module. After a bit more time in the alien containment, it will become a fully grown Sea Monkey.


The Sea Monkey Baby is very small and almost entirely purple in colour, with a pale stripe running down either side of the body. The body is rounded and the eyes appear similar to those of the adult Sea Monkey though they are shiny white rather than yellow.

The arms are more flipper-like in the baby, not yet having fully developed joints or fingers. The body also lacks the fins that run down the body of the adult, having undeveloped ridges in their place. The head crest has a white pattern in the centre which glows bright yellow green in the dark, this is absent in the adult.

Sea Monkey Babies can be picked up by the player.


The Sea Monkey Baby's appearance is similar to a dolphin embryo.

Databank Entry

Sea Monkey Baby

Unlike many smaller creatures on 4546B, infant sea monkeys are born undeveloped and defenseless.

- Poor eyesight
- No control over forelimbs
- Low swim speed
- 90% fat

For these reasons the infants stick close to the nest, hiding in amongst the salvaged objects their parents hoard there.

Assessment: Harmless

Source: Scan Sea Monkey Babies


File Type
Hold 1
Hold 2
Hold 3
Close to hatch : Heartbeat loop
Close to hatch : Squishy loop
Heartbeat loop
Squishy loop
Fast swim 1
Fast swim 2
Fast swim 3
Fast swim 4
Fast swim 5
Slow swim 1
Slow swim 2
Slow swim 3
Slow swim 4
Slow swim 5