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Damage to plantlife on the seafloor suggests this may be the migration path of a huge, bottom-dwelling lifeform.

― PDA, Dialogue


The Sea Treader's Path is an extended biome intersecting the Grand Reef, Sparse Reef, Dunes and the Blood Kelp Trench. It is located to the southwest of Lifepod 5.

It is the migration path of the Sea Treader Leviathan.


The Sea Treader's Path biome is largely made up of a massive hill with an expansive tunnel running through it. The top of the mound is considerably sandy and sparse in life, though clusters of an unknown coral species can be found along its ridges. The tunnel below is the main route through which the Sea Treader Leviathans pass through the biome and is filled with a much larger array of life, such as Membrain Trees and Deep Shrooms.

Many narrower branches of the tunnel can be found within it, containing many deposits of Ruby and Lithium.

Sea Treader Leviathans roam this area on one of their largest migration routes, passing through the biome on their way to and from the Dunes and Grand Reef.

Wreck 7 can be found on the Sea Treader's Path at a distinct, flat region following the Sparse Reef.