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The Sea Treader Leviathan is a defensive leviathan class fauna. It can be found roaming in the Grand Reef, as well as on the Sea Treader's Path, forming small herds. 


The Sea Treader has three sizes; small, medium and large. Its body consists of a large torso with long, double-jointed back legs. Its front "leg" is, in fact, the creature's head, mouth and/or "beak", also segmented and foldable for moving around.

The Sea Treader's head features two pairs of large and small eyes. Two large feelers protrude from its underside and extend upwards, growing on either side of its head. These feelers run along its entire body, and end in two bumps at its rear.

The Sea Treader's main body is mostly blue, decorated with bright bioluminescent orange patterns.

An image in the data bank entry shows that Sea Treaders have compound eyes.

Smaller Sea Treaders also appear from time to time, being smaller versions of the adults and following 1-2 of them at a time, suggesting that they are juveniles. 


The Sea Treader walks slowly and passively around its paths, constantly emitting loud, echoing calls. If the player tries to swim in front of it, the creature will attack them by pecking or swinging its beak, removing 40% of their health bar.

Sea Treaders often gather into herds, keeping the smaller ones in the middle of the pack, while the larger ones stay on the outside.

Sea Treaders occasionally stop on their track to either defecate (dropping its feces in the process), or to graze. They will place their beak into the ground and start moving it for a while to munch on seagrass or other flora. 

Each time the Sea Treader takes a step, it may spawn 0-3 Shale Outcrops that will slowly sink back into the ground after a short amount of time.

Sea Treader herds tend to migrate between the fields within the Sea Treader's Path, never staying in any specific area for long periods of time, as well as traveling through the large cave located in the Sea Treader's Path.

Data Bank Entry[]

Sea Treader

A vast bipedal leviathan which roams the reefs in herds, grazing the seafloor.

1. Antennae:
Antennae on the creature's head can detect a range of scents, helping the sea treaders to find fresh grazing pastures, avoid the path of large predators, and sense chemical signals from others of their kind.

2. Carapace:
Thick armour protects the creature from attack by all but the largest of carnivores. Two legs extend from the rear.

3. Elongated Snout:
Used to siphon up plant material from the sea floor, and maintain balance.

4. Behavior:
Large herds would decimate the flora of a single area, thus encouraging the sea treader's migratory behavior. Families keep their young towards the center of the herd, and parents will lash out at over curious interlopers in search of an easy meal.

Assessment: Sea treader herds may unearth mineral deposits as they churn up the sand



  • Sea Treaders are the smallest organism to be classified as a Leviathan, at 20mx20mx20m.
  • The Sea Treader's head resembles those of real-life weevils and the feelers visually resemble the tentacles of real-life squids.
  • The way Sea Treaders move in herds is similar to that of real-life elephants.
  • The Prawn Suit is capable of standing on top of Sea Treaders.
  • Sea Treaders spawn on two paths: the path named after them, and a second path located within the Grand Reef.
  • The Sea Treader is immune to the effects of the Stasis Rifle.
  • The Sea Treader Leviathan is one of the only two Leviathan Class organisms on Planet 4546B whose eggs are never seen, even with the aid of console commands, the other being the Reaper Leviathan.
  • The concept art for the Sea Treader Leviathan can be seen in their Data bank entry.


  • WindowsLogoAppleLogoXboxLogoPlaystationLogo Sea Treaders are not hostile to the player.