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The Seamoth is a fast, safe mode of transport, but remember that swimming is good for your glutes and endorphin levels.

― PDA, Dialogue


The Seamoth is a small, versatile one-person submersible and spacecraft capable of sustained high-speed travel over considerable distances. It boasts an omnidirectional propulsion system that allows for lateral and vertical movement that gradually increases to a maximum of 11.25 m/s in any single direction. The speed in any direction is independent of other directions and can be added together using vector addition. Thus, if going forward and upward the maximum speed is 15.91 m/s (11.25 * √2) and if going forward, upward, and sideways the maximum speed is 19.49 m/s (11.25 * √3).

As with the Cyclops and Prawn Suit, the Seamoth comes equipped with a locator beacon that produces an image on the HUD showing the distance of the vehicle from the player. It can be fitted with multiple upgrades and modifications that enhance performance and durability. These can be crafted in a Moonpool equipped with a Vehicle Upgrade Console.

Before the Seamoth can be constructed, its fragments must first be scanned. The player must scan three fragments before acquiring the recipe. Several can be found in the numerous Wrecks in the Grassy Plateaus surrounding Lifepod 5, and two in the Seamoth Bay of the Aurora.


The Seamoth is an electric vehicle and requires Energy from a Power Cell in order to function. It generates its own oxygen supply. When exiting while the vehicle is moving, the Seamoth will preserve its momentum and place the pilot behind it or in front of it. The pilot should be careful not to exit while quickly moving with dangerous creatures around, as the Seamoth may move away before the pilot can get back in, leaving them vulnerable to attack, or because the Seamoth might hit the player.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

An Ion Power Cell can also be used to power it.


Titanium Ingot.pngPower Cell.pngGlass.pngGlass.pngLubricant.pngLead.pngArrow-right (1).pngMobile Vehicle Bay.pngArrow-right (1).pngSeamoth.png


Action Mouse & Keyboard Xbox One PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch
Enter Seamoth
XBOX A Combops4x.png SwitchA.png
Exit Seamoth
XBOX B Combops4circle.png SwitchB.png
Toggle Headlights
XBOX Right Trigger PS4 R2.png SwitchZr.png

While the maximum speed of the Seamoth in any single direction is 11.25 m/s, strafing by holding multiple direction keys will increase its maximum speed to 15.9 m/s (2-directions) and 19.2 m/s (3-directions).


The Seamoth has a hull integrity readout, which will decrease if the craft is attacked by hostile creatures, crashes into objects (including some plants), is exposed to temperatures greater than 70°C or exceeds its maximum crush depth. Reaper Leviathans are able to grab the Seamoth, dealing constant damage until it explodes. The player can not exit the Seamoth when this is happening. The player can repair this damage with the Repair Tool. A Hull Reinforcement Upgrade can reduce damage from terrain collisions by 50%. The Hull Reinforcement upgrade can stack up to 3 times, further reducing damage by 75% and 87.5%, respectively. Once the Seamoth's health reaches 0%, it will explode. The acidic brine in the Lost River deals periodic damage. If you get out of the in front of the Seamoth it can run you over doing 1/4 to 2/3 of your health in one hit. This can be avoided by coming to a full stop before exiting. Once destoyed, Upgrades and Customization will be lost.

Installing Charged Power Cells

Outside of the Seamoth, there are panels that open. The power cell is replaced by accessing the installed unit under the jet engine. When selected, a menu will appear allowing the technician to choose a new power cell from inventory.

Upgrades and Customization

The Seamoth can be customized with the Vehicle Upgrade Console, which the player can use to craft upgrades and change the vehicle's name and color scheme. Upgrades can be installed and swapped via a panel on the left wing. Opening this panel reveals four slots. The Storage, Hull Reinforcement and Engine Efficiency modules are compatible with the Prawn Suit.

Seamoth Pressure Compensator Mark 1.png

Seamoth Depth Module

Increases the vehicle's maximum crush depth, enabling it to survive greater pressure. Each successive module doubles the maximum crush depth of the last. This effect does not stack.

Modules Crush Depth
None 200 m
MK1 300 m
MK2 500 m
MK3 900 m
Seamoth Storage Solution.png

Internal Storage

Installs a 4×4 (16-slot) storage compartment in a position on the Seamoth corresponding to the slot used. Each additional module installs another 4×4 compartment, but space isn't shared across lockers (two lockers side by side can't store 3×3 objects).

Module Position Compartment Position
Upper Left Starboard Rear Top
Lower Left Starboard Wing
Upper Right Port Rear Top
Lower Right Port Wing
Seamoth Hull Reinforcement.png

Hull Reinforcement

Strengthens the chassis with a diamond lattice, increasing hull durability. Decreases collision damage by 50%; each successive module adds half the damage resistance of the last. Damage from aggressive fauna remains unchanged. Effect stacks with up to three modules.

Modules Damage Reduction
1 50%
2 75%
3 87.5%
Seamoth Power Efficiency Module.png

Engine Efficiency

Increases maximum battery life by recycling engine thermal waste and decreases total power consumption by 15%. Effect stacks with multiple modules.

Modules Power Use Reduction
1 15%
2 30%
3 45%
4 60%
Seamoth Solar Charger.png

Solar Charger

Replenishes the onboard power supply by harnessing photonic energy. The charge rate is affected by the time of day and depth of water.

Time of Day Charge Rate/Hr
Morning (6 am - 10 am) 15%
Noon (10 am - 2 pm) 30%
Evening (2 pm - 6 pm) 15%
Night (6 pm - 6 am) 0%
Depth of Water (Noon)
0-50 m (0 - 164 ft) 30%
50-100 m (164 - 328 ft) 20%
100-150 m (328 - 492 ft) 10%
150-200 m (492 - 656 ft) 0%
Seamoth Perimeter Defense System.png

Perimeter Defense System

Generates a localized electrical field to discourage and repel aggressive fauna. Has a chance of killing smaller aggressive species.

Activate by pressing the assigned hotkey on PC and Mac, or by selecting the upgrade on consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4:PS4 Dpad Left.pngPS4 Dpad Right.png).
Seamoth Torpedo System.png

Torpedo System

Standard-issue underwater payload delivery system that has been adapted to fire torpedoes.

Torpedo Effect Damage
Gas Poison 25/sec
Vortex Immobilize 0/sec
Seamoth Sonar.png

Sonar System

Scans the topography of the surrounding terrain with sonic pulses and displays the data on the HUD.

Activate by pressing the assigned hotkey on PC and Mac, or by selecting the upgrade on consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4:PS4 Dpad Left.pngPS4 Dpad Right.png).

Data Bank Entry

Seamoth Data Bank Image.png

The seamoth is a one-person vehicle with an independent, replaceable power cell fitted in the rear and a fully customizable design. Low power, multi-directional thrusters enable it to function equally well in sea or space environments.

Most long-range vessels carry at least two vehicles of this class to facilitate the exploration and exploitation of small astronomical bodies, however they can also be fabricated at a standard mobile vehicle bay.

- Top Speed: 13m/s
- Acceleration: 5m/s/s
- Distance per power cell: 10km
- Crush depth: 200m below sea level
- Upgrade module slots: 4
- Dimensions: 3m x 1.5m x 1m
- Persons: 1

Seamoths may be modified by installing upgrade modules to the access point mounted on the wing. These include:
- Increased cargo storage
- Superior power
- Pressure and collision compensation
- Enhanced sonar
- Defensive capabilities

NB These modules may only be manufactured at a moonpool outfitted with a vehicle modification station.

'The Seamoth: It goes anywhere but land.'


Please note: The seamoth used to have an Easter egg in which it rarely says "I love it when you come inside me". This has since been removed for obvious reasons. The audio can be heard here: File:Seamothsecret.mp3


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Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.
SeamothAchievement.jpg Personal Propulsion

Construct a Seamoth

How to obtain: The player has to build a Seamoth.



  • The old Seamoth Pressure Compensator (Depth Module) has the same crush depth of a Cyclops Ultra Hull Reinforcement Module. However, it is now unobtainable, having been replaced by the Depth Module, and cannot be upgraded. If a player has one, it is considered a separate item from the Pressure Compensator.
  • The Seamoth's AI used to occasionally say "I love it when you come inside me" instead of "Welcome aboard, Captain." This was a joke/sexual innuendo slipped in by the sounds producer, Simon Chylinski. After discussing the line with the dev team, Simon removed it as a lot of minors and families play Subnautica.
  • The Seamoth bears a striking resemblance to the real-world C-Explorer 3 submersible, produced by U-Boat Worx, although the Seamoth has a more streamlined appearance.
  • The Seamoth appears on the cover art for the Subnautica OST, along with the Reaper Leviathan.
  • According to Alterra Citizen Testimonials, as the name suggests it was designed for water, but Max Zoinkoff created a company to develop custom code so it could operate in space. In the ten years since he sold his company to Alterra, the Seamoth became one of the most widely used vehicles in the galaxy.
    • The Seamoth is never shown being used in space in-game.
  • The deepest biome that can be explored by the Seamoth is the Lost River.
  • The Seamoth Sonar System, despite being sound-based, does not attract attention if used, thus making it useful for spotting aggressive fauna, such as Reaper Leviathans, at a distance.


This section contains bugs related to Seamoth. Make sure to only post reproducible bugs, and use appropriate system template ( XboxLogo.png, PlaystationLogo.png, WindowsLogo.png / AppleLogo.png ) depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.

XboxLogo.pngWindowsLogo.pngPlaystationLogo.pngAppleLogo.png The Seamoth has a chance to get stuck in the ground of the main beach of the Floating Island, if left in the shallow pool, upon return, the Seamoth will have clipped into the ground, usually with only the antenna visible, unable to be accessed. This can be fixed by picking up a Floater with the Propulsion Cannon near where the Seamoth is, causing it to attach itself to the Floater above ground. This can also be avoided by parking the Seamoth over open water instead of on the beach.