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The Seatruck Aquarium Module is a Seatruck module that collects any small Fauna that come too close to the module. Captured creatures are visible in the aquariums on the sides.


The Aquarium Module allows the player to collect nearby creatures and stores them inside of the two transparent aquariums on its sides. These have an 2×8 capacity and can collect any single-slot aquatic species except the Noot Fish, functioning like the Aquarium the player can build in a Seabase. Access to the aquariums is provided by a pair of small doors on the sides of the module towards the front, which allows the player to remove or add fish to the tanks.

The Aquarium Mobile is indiscriminate in what it picks up and has no "off" state: it will continue to draw in nearby fish until both sides are filled. As well as edible fish, the module is also capable of capturing Penglings.

Like all of the Seatruck modules, the Aquarium Module can be moved around manually using the grab-bar on the roof.


The blueprint for this item is unlocked by scanning fragments in the Lilypad Islands or a single fragment in the Purple Vents. It is crafted in the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

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Databank Entry

Seatruck Aquarium Module
Sea Truck Aquarium Module Ency.png

External vacuums on this module collect live specimens from the surrounding water and deposit them safely and humanely inside glass tanks, which can then be accessed from inside the truck.

Many years of technological endeavor produced the pressure-resistant, single-sheet, nano-reinforced glass of the tanks. This remarkable feat of engineering creates the optimal enclosure for the study and observation of contained fauna.

Source: Scan Seatruck Aquarium Module fragments