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The Seatruck Docking Module allows a Prawn Suit to be attached to the back of the Seatruck. This module must be on the end of any chain of modules.


The Docking Module allows the player to attach a Prawn Suit to the back of the module and carry it along while piloting their Seatruck. The module can only pick up the Prawn Suit if it has power, meaning the cab must be connected during the docking procedure. Since a collision with the Prawn can seriously damage the module, it is best to use the Prawn's thrusters to rise up level with the Docking Module at a distance and then move forward onto the docking clamps, rather than trying to jump from directly under it.

Because the module mounts the Prawn at the rear, it has a roof hatch like the cab as opposed to the rear door of other modules. The only interactive internal components are a ladder that must be "used" to exit the module,, and a flip-up console that allows the player to release a mounted Prawn Suit. Alternatively, the Prawn will automatically be released if the player enters it while it is docked.

Unlike the Moonpool, the Docking Module will not charge the Prawn Suit's Power Cells.

Like all Seatruck modules, the Docking Module can be guided by interacting with the grab-bar on the roof to connect it to other Seatruck modules. As only one side of the module has an attachment port, the module must be the last in a Seatruck's module chain.

A Prawn Suit docked in a Docking Module will not take pressure damage, regardless of its maximum crush depth.


The blueprint for this module is unlocked by scanning fragments in the Deep Purple Vents. It is crafted in the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

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Databank Entry

Seatruck Docking Module
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As the most user requested Seatruck addition, the docking module provides capacity to attach one standard Prawn Suit to the Seatruck. Mechanical arms extend to automatically secure the Prawn Suit to the vehicle on approach.

Internal features are limited due to the amount of structural support built into the walls of the module. Includes control panel for detaching Prawn Suit and bright yellow ladder for ease of exit or escape.

NB: Must be attached as the final module to function. This module is powered by the Seatruck's main cabin. Prawn Suit not included.

Source: Scan Seatruck Docking Module fragments