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The Seatruck Sleeper Module is a Seatruck attachment that contains a fold-out bed as well as a compact Jukebox and a Picture Frame, allowing for the player to sleep to skip the night and play custom music.

It can be driven by itself in order to connect it to the main module or to an existing chain of modules.

Music that is playing from the Jukebox can be heard throughout the Seatruck.


The blueprint for this item is unlocked by scanning fragments in the Purple Vents. It is crafted in the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

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Databank Entry

Seatruck Sleeper Module

Replete with a foldable bed, home entertainment system and photo frame, the sleeper module provides everything required for one person to hunker down for long stretches.

As a utility vehicle, the Seatruck is ideally operated on a 24-hour schedule. With the addition of this module, it’s possible to trade off piloting with a co-operator. It is advisable to resist detaching this module while there is a slumbering occupant, as suffocation may occur.

NB: This module is powered by the Seatruck's main cabin.

Source: Scan Seatruck Sleeper Module fragments