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The Seatruck Storage Module is a Seatruck module that contains a large amount of storage spaces in the form of lockers.


The Storage Module gives the player multiple storage areas to attach to their Seatruck. In total, the module comes with two 4×3 lockers, two 3×5 lockers, and a single 6×3 locker, adding up to 72 spaces of storage. Each locker has a text entry field (much like a Wall Locker) and a circular icon above which changes the color of its label.

Like all Seatruck modules, the Storage Module can be piloted from the roof to connect it to other Seatruck modules.


The blueprint for this item is unlocked by scanning fragments in the Deep Twisty Bridges. It is crafted in the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

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Databank Entry

Seatruck Storage Module
Sea Truck Storage Module Ency.png

The ultimate utility upgrade, the storage module serves as a large mobile cache for cargo of various types. With an additional five lockers of multiple dimensions, this module is unrivaled in vehicle storage possibilities.

Most commonly used by researchers collecting samples or prospectors aggregating mined deposits. Includes customizable labels for ease of organization.

Source: Scan Seatruck Storage Module fragments