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The Seatruck Teleportation Module is a Seatruck module that allows the player to teleport to the Seatruck using a Tether Tool. Said Tether spawns inside the module once built.


To teleport into the Seatruck, press RMB while holding the Tether Tool. This will only function if the Teleportation Module has power. The teleportation is not instantaneous, the player can die (ex. drown) while teleportation machinery warms up.


The blueprint for the Seatruck Teleportation Module is unlocked by scanning ten Architect Artifacts. It is crafted in the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

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Databank Entry

Seatruck Teleportation Module

Harnessing the power generated by ion cubes, the teleportation module creates an interminable link between a tether tool and itself. While away from the module, navigating space and time is made simple by activating said tool, allowing the user to return to the module in the blink of an eye.

How the ion cube facilitates the rapid disassembly and reassembly of organic material in a target location is still the subject of great debate in the scientific community.

NB: This module is powered by the Seatruck's main cabin. Requires tether tool. Link between tether and module is unaffected by distance.

Source: TBA



  • The game's files contains models and textures for functioning Seatruck Teleportation Module fragments, even though the module's source is not through fragments. It can be inferred that scanning fragments was the original plan for obtaining the module.