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By planting the seeds, spores, samples or entire specimens of Flora, the Player can either farm useful Raw Materials or decorate their surroundings and Seabases.

While some plants like Creepvine have seeds that can be picked by hand, in order to obtain most types the respective plant must be cut with a knife. In order to plant them, the player must construct a suitable structure for them, either a Plant Pot, Exterior Growbed, Interior Growbed or an Alien Containment. Simply discarding seeds or spores on the seabed will never result in their growth.

Each plantable flora takes up a certain amount of slots, and can only be planted in some types of planters. Flora with a dark blue item symbol background can only be planted underwater, while those with a green item symbol background can only be planted in bases or on land.

In cases where the player can pick up the entire plant (eg Acid Mushroom, Marblemelon) the player can either place the whole plant or its seeds in a suitable structure. In all cases, once a plant is fully grown, the player can harvest it for multiple seeds. These can then be planted to expand the player's plant collection. After a set number of knife hits a plant will be destroyed and its space in whatever it was planted in cleared.

Creepvine is a unique case in that it has two types of "seed" which produce different results. Planting a Creepvine Sample will result in a plant with no seeds, while planting a Creepvine Seed Cluster will result in one with seeds.

Each flora has a different growth time. If a plant is not fully grown, it will display its current growth as a percentage, using the same graphic used for the Repair Tool, when the player looks directly at it. Creepvines and Bloodvines require vertical clearance to fully mature: if placed in an Alien Containment less than two stories tall, they will never finish growing.

Marine Flora

Flora Seed Size Grown In Bioreactor Bioluminescent Item ID
Acid Mushroom.png
Acid Mushroom
Acid Mushroom Spore.png
Acid Mushroom Spore
1 +210
Yes acidmushroom
Blood Oil.png
Blood Oil
4 (2×2) +420 Yes bloodoil
Blue Palm.png
Blue Palm
Blue Palm Seed.png
Blue Palm Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes bluepalmseed
Pygmy Bulb Bush.png
Bulb Bush
Bulb Bush Sample.png
Bulb Bush Sample
4 (2×2) +420 Yes kooshchunk
Cave Bush.png
Cave Bush
Cave Bush Seed.png
Cave Bush Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes purplebranchesseed
Creepvine Sample.png
Creepvine Sample
Creepvine Seed Cluster.png
Creepvine Seed Cluster
4 (2×2) +210
Yes creepvinepiece
Deep Shroom.png
Deep Shroom
Deep Shroom Spore.png
Deep Shroom Spore
1 +210
Yes whitemushroom
Eye Stalk.png
Eye Stalk
Eye Stalk Seed.png
Eye Stalk Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes eyesplantseed
Furled Papyrus.png
Furled Papyrus
Furled Papyrus Seed.png
Furled Papyrus Seed
4 (2×2) +70 No redrollplantseed
Gabe's Feather.png
Gabe's Feather
Gabe's Feather Seed.png
Gabe's Feather Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes gabesfeatherseed
Spore Sack.png
Gel Sack
Spore Sack Seed.png
Gel Sack Spores
1 +245
Yes jellyplant
Ghost Weed.png
Ghost Weed
Ghost Weed Seed.png
Ghost Weed Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes redgreententacleseed
Jellyshroom Spore.png
Jellyshroom Spore
4 (2×2) +140 Yes snakemushroomspore
Membrain Tree.png
Membrain Tree
Membrain Tree Seed.png
Membrain Tree Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes membraintreeseed
Pygmy Fan.png
Pygmy Fan
Pygmy Fan Seed.png
Pygmy Fan Seed
1 +28 Yes smallfanseed
Redwort Seed.png
Redwort Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes redbushseed
Regress Shell.png
Regress Shell
Regress Shell Seed.png
Regress Shell Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes redconeplantseed
Rouge Cradle.png
Rouge Cradle
Rouge Cradle Seed.png
Rouge Cradle Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes redbasketplantseed
Sea Crown.png
Sea Crown
Sea Crown Seed.png
Sea Crown Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes seacrownseed
Spiked Horn Grass.png
Spiked Horn Grass
Spiked Horn Grass Seed.png
Spiked Horn Grass Seed
4 (2×2) N/A No shellgrassseed
Spotted Dockleaf.png
Spotted Dockleaf
Spotted Dockleaf Seed.png
Spotted Dockleaf Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes spottedleavesplantseed
Tiger Plant.png
Tiger Plant
Tiger Plant Seed.png
Tiger Plant Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes spikeplantseed
Veined Nettle.png
Veined Nettle
Veined Nettle Seed.png
Veined Nettle Seed
1 +21 Yes purplefanseed
Violet Beau.png
Violet Beau
Violet Beau Seed.png
Violet Beau Seed
4 (2×2) +70 Yes purplestalkseed
Writhing Weed.png
Writhing Weed
Writhing Weed Seed.png
Writhing Weed Seed
1 +140 Yes purpletentacleseed

Land-Based Flora

Flora Reaps Size Planters Bioreactor Item ID
Bulbo Tree.png
Bulbo Tree
Bulbo Tree Sample.png
Bulbo Tree Sample
4 (2×2) +420 bulbotreepiece
Chinese Potato Plant.png
Chinese Potato Plant
Chinese Potato.png
Chinese Potato
4 (2×2) +140 purplevegetable
Fern Palm.png
Fern Palm
Fern Palm Seed.png
Fern Palm Seed
4 (2×2) +70 fernpalmseed
Grub Basket.png
Grub Basket
Grub Basket Seed.png
Grub Basket Seed
4 (2×2) +105 orangepetalsplantseed
Jaffa Cup.png
Jaffa Cup
Jaffa Cup Seed.png
Jaffa Cup Seed
4 (2×2) +140 orangemushroomspore
Lantern Tree.png
Lantern Tree
Lantern Fruit.png
Lantern Fruit
4 (2×2) +210 hangingfruit
Small Marblemelon.png
Marblemelon Plant
Marblemelon Plant
Marblemelon Seeds.png
Marblemelon Seeds
4 (2×2)
Ming Plant.png
Ming Plant
Ming Plant Seed.png
Ming Plant Seed
4 (2×2) +140 purplevaseplantseed
Pink Cap.png
Pink Cap
Pink Cap Spore.png
Pink Cap Spore
1 +105
Speckled Rattler.png
Speckled Rattler
Speckled Rattler Spore.png
Speckled Rattler Spore
1 +140
Voxel Shrub.png
Voxel Shrub
Voxel Shrub Seed.png
Voxel Shrub Seed
1 +28 pinkflowerseed


Main article: Coral
Coral Reaps Size Planters Bioreactor Item ID
Brain Coral.png
Brain Coral
Purple Brain Coral Sample.png
Brain Coral Sample
4 (2×2) +70 purplebraincoralsample
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