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The Shallow Twisty Bridges is a mostly underwater biome in Subnautica: Below Zero and is the starting point of the game. Robin begins at the Crash Site and makes her way to the underwater portion of the biome to reach the Drop Pod.

It borders the Arctic Kelp Forest, Sparse Arctic, and the Twisty Bridges.


The Shallow Twisty Bridges appears to be a rather open area, with an abundance of colorful flora and corals. The most notable feature are the twisting structures covered in Blue Barnacles that are present across the region. A large canyon in the biome also leads to the Twisty Bridges.

The underwater part of the Shallow Twisty Bridges

This is the principal region of the biome, as it is the largest and it contains most of the resources, flora, fauna and coral.


A large iceberg in the region

The Ice Floes is an expansive collection of icebergs above the Shallow Twisty Bridges, some of which provide shelter to Pengwings and Penglings. A large overhang can be seen atop the biome's shoreline. Notably, the northern ice wall has strange, unique ice formations similliar to those of the Glacial Basin's Ice Fissure.


The Crash Site is a partially enclosed area of land where Robin Ayou's passenger shuttle crash-lands, and where she begins her journey on 4546B. There are two, interconnected routes between it and the Shallow Twisty Bridges, both of which lead to a shore that allows Robin access to the ocean and drop pod.


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Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.
Drop in The Ocean Achievement.png Drop in the Ocean

Locate your Drop Pod.

How to obtain: The player must locate/enter the Drop Pod in the Twisty Bridges.



  • The Shallow Twisty Bridges was originally planned to be implemented as a biome in the original Subnautica. However, it was cut from the game early in development and was later repurposed for Subnautica: Below Zero.