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Certain species of passive Fauna in Subnautica sometimes gather together in shoals, indicating that they are most likely juveniles. Usually, Shoals of Fish appear closer to the surface but certain species will swarm in the depths and in open waters.

The Fauna in a Shoal will flee from the player when approached. The player can break up a Shoal by swimming through it, but the fish will swarm again once the danger is over.

While Shoals of Fish cannot normally be interacted with, it is possible to use the Propulsion Cannon and the Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon to grab and move the Shoal of Fish.

Swarming Species

The following species can be found forming Shoals:



  • Shoals of fish do not have a hitbox, thus making food unobtainable from them. As mentioned above, you can swim through the fish.
  • The shoal of fish is the only entity to not have a hitbox.
  • Shoals are commonly seen to be clipping through Seabases and submersibles, being the most noticeable with the Cyclops. However, this is only an aesthetic glitch and it will not affect integrity or gameplay.
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