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Shuttlebugs are a small, passive fauna species. They commonly populate caves, but can also be found in some surface areas, such as the Crag Field, Crash Zone, and Dunes. They are also found in abundance in the Sparse Reef.


The Shuttlebug has three long flippers at the back end, with three legs in front surrounding a large eye. The sides of each flipper are adorned with a pattern which gives a bright orange bioluminescent glow.


Shuttlebugs seem to have two states of behavior. Shuttlebugs found on the surface will swim around much like other small life forms, but Shuttlebugs found in caves appear to only swim in place. Occasionally, Shuttlebugs will accidentally leave the caves they are in.

Energy Value

Shuttlebug.pngArrow-right (1).pngBioreactor.pngArrow-right (1).pngEnergy.png×280

Shuttlebug Egg.pngArrow-right (1).pngBioreactor.pngArrow-right (1).pngEnergy.png×105

Data Bank Entry


A common scavenger at the base of the food chain.

1. Mouth Parts:
Small enough to be of little threat to most organisms, this creature is clearly adapted to feed on the waste products of the ecosystem around it.

2. Three Mandibles:
Used to orient themselves when drifting, and to filter through detritus on cave floors.

3. Three Legs:
High strength muscles can propel the lifeform great distances through the water, as well as ambulating them across the sea floor.

Assessment: Necessary waste recycler - Presence may indicate nearby cave systems



  • In early development, they were also known as Shuttle Crawlers and Jumpers.[1]
  • The Shuttlebug's name may be a reference to the projectile in the sport badminton, called a "shuttle", which the Shuttlebug somewhat resembles.
  • There is a document containing multiple unused Shuttlebug behaviors such as:[2]
    • They were initially intended to sometimes pair together until one of the pair would die.
    • Another concept behaviour was that they would hide in Creepvines when feeling threatened.
    • The scrapped Snap creature would have been used to tame Shuttlebugs and make them follow you around - this may have been re-oriented towards the Peeper-Stalker interaction (where the player can "tame" Stalkers by feeding them).
  • The Shuttlebug’s body plan is tri-radially symmetrical, a feature unique to the Shuttlebug on 4546B, and not seen on Earth since the Trilobozoans became extinct in the late Ediacaran period.
  • The Shuttlebug was originally going to have an egg that could be found and hatched in alien containment. It was cut for unknown reasons.