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The Sign is a Miscellaneous Item that can be placed inside a Seabase or Cyclops, on a wall or mid-corridor. It is constructed with the Habitat Builder.

The Sign displays a label that can be set by the player. It can be edited, resized and customized with arrows and colors.


  1. Press LMB (Xbox One:XBOX A, PlayStation 4:Combops4x) on the Sign to open the edit menu.
  2. Enter desired text (20 character limit) and settings:
    • Click the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the size of the sign.
    • Click the triangles to set an arrow in the desired direction. Multiple arrows can be set.
    • Click the blue rectangle to toggle the background on or off.
    • Click the white circle to change text colors. The player can select from one of eight text colors.
  3. Press Enter to apply (Xbox One:XBOX B, PlayStation 4:Combops4circle).


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