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This article is about Sign (Below Zero) in Below Zero. For the related article on the Subnautica Wiki, see Sign (Below Zero).

The Sign is a Miscellaneous Item that can be placed inside a Seabase. It is constructed with the Habitat Builder.

The Sign displays a label that can be set by the player. It can be edited, resized and customized with arrows and colors.


  1. Press LMB on the Sign to open the edit menu.
  2. Enter desired text (20 character limit) and settings:
    • Click the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the size of the sign.
    • Click the triangles to set an arrow in the desired direction. Multiple arrows can be set.
    • Click the blue rectangle to toggle the background on or off.
    • Click the white circle to change text colors. The player can select from one of eight text colors.
  3. Press Enter to apply.


The blueprint for this item is acquired by unlocking the Habitat Builder. It is crafted with the Habitat Builder.

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