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This article is about Skyrays in Subnautica. Click here for information on this subject in Below Zero.

The Skyray is a small, passive fauna species. It can be found flying around over the water or in locations with large landmasses such as the Aurora, the Floating Island, or the Mountain Island.


The Skyray is a small, avian creature having two wings covered with white feathers. Its head, chest, and wing tips are black, connected by a thin line spanning the front edge of its wings.

The head has two small, completely white eyes situated on each side, and a black beak.

The Skyray's body ends with a small, black tip in-between its short legs. Its chest bears blue and green bioluminescent markings.


Skyrays tend to congregate in small groups, often seen flying around Lifepod 5, the Aurora, and the Islands.

Skyrays can be seen resting on the ground on the Mountain Island and the Floating Island, taking off upon being approached.

Skyrays can live only on land and will die once put in water.


Data Bank Entry


The skyray has a bird-like head, and feathered wings which enable it to fly. Skyrays are commonly found circling floating structures, and rarely venture far out to sea. They will perch on dry land, but are prone to flee on approach.

1. Wings:
Although its wings give it some resemblance in silhouette to the waterborne rays on 4546B, analysis shows no greater genetic overlap with those species than the planetary average - in fact the skyray appears to have split off the evolutionary tree much earlier than most.

2. Diet:
Largely seed-based. Skyrays have not been observed diving for food, which implies they rely on land-based plants for their survival.

Assessment: Presence may indicate nearby dry land.



  • The Skyray is unaffected by the Stasis Rifle.
  • The Skyray is currently the only fauna capable of flight.
  • Skyrays will drown underwater, including ones spawned in Seabases via Console Commands.
  • Along with Cave Crawlers and Blood Crawlers, Skyrays are one of the few Fauna to be able to survive on land and outside of water.
  • Some concept art shows a larger, bird-like creature with a long tail. This creature, along with normal Skyrays, can be seen in the cinematic trailer.
  • The player can stand on and ride a flying Skyray simply by jumping on top of it, but the player may fall off mid-flight.
  • When first exiting Lifepod 5 through the top hatch, a Skyray will attempt to land on it, before being startled by the player and flying off.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

Three Skyrays can be seen on top of the Neptune Escape Rocket upon launch, before being startled and flying off.


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  • PlaystationLogo.png XboxLogo.png AppleLogo.pngWindowsLogo.pngSkyrays can sit on air near Lifepod 5.