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This article is about the Snow Stalker Baby. You may be looking for the Snow Stalker.

The Snow Stalker Baby is the juvenile form of the Snow Stalker. It can be found in the Glacial Basin, almost always alongside adults.


The Snow Stalker Baby is mostly the same as the adult form in appearance, though its eyes appear much larger and rounder, exposing much of the orange sclerae while the Adult's is mainly black.

The teeth, claws and dorsal plates are shorter and more rounded also. Aside from these differences they are roughly similar, though smaller and with slightly differing body proportions.


The Snow Stalker Baby is passive towards the player, unlike the highly aggressive adults. It will flinch if the player approaches too closely. They can be interacted with, though will snap at the player partway through the animation but deal no damage. After interaction, they will get angry with the player. This also results in it attracting adult snow stalkers nearby.

The Snow Stalker Baby can be fed by Nutrient Block, Preston's Delight and fishes. If the player feeds the Snowstalker Baby with Preston's Delight, it will get down and sleep.

The Snowstalker Baby can be observed sleeping during the night.

Data Bank Entry

Snow Stalker
SnowStalker ency.png

The Snow Stalker is a bear-like evolutionary offshoot of the aquatic stalker native to the warmer aquatic biomes of 4546B.

Behavior: Snow Stalkers are typically apex predators in their biomes. They operate in packs and are primarily land based creatures, but will enter the water to hunt and defend territory.

Notable physical attributes: Thick hollow fur that secretes a thin layer of oil helps keep the snow stalker warm in the arctic climate. Modified dorsal fin aid in aquatic hunting. The cyan bioluminescence on the tongue and tail help the pack stay together during winter storms.

Assessment: Avoid - if entering snow stalker territory is necessary, sources of bright light and unpredictable noises have been shown to deter attacks.

Source: Scan Snow Stalker Babies


File Type
Climb land
Land death
Water death
Dry fur
Land flinch 1
Land flinch 2
Land flinch 3
Water flinch 1
Water flinch 2
Water flinch 3
Land jump
Water jump
Run loop
Stand up
Swim 1
Swim 2
Swim 3
Swim 6
Walk 1
Walk 2
Walk 3
Walk 4
Walk 5
Walk 6
Walk 7
Walk 8