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The Snowfox is a land vehicle for Below Zero.


Unlike the three main vehicles in Subnautica, the Snowfox is strictly for zooming across the arctic terrain and cannot work over or under water.

By default, the snowfox has a light which can be toggled, and it has a speed boost. If the Snowfox Hop Module is installed, the Snowfox will have the ability to jump.

The player can pick up the Snowfox to redeploy it. This can be useful if the vehicle has fallen into water, rendering it inoperable.

Placing a Snowfox carried in the player's inventory into a quick slot, and then holding it, allows the battery to be changed by pressing R in the same way as many tools.

The player can use command "debughoverbike" to adjust parameters of their Snowfox.


Action PC Xbox PlayStation Nintendo Switch
Speed Boost
XBOX Left Joystick (Pressed) PS4 L3.png (Pressed) Lstickclick.png (Pressed)
Toggle Headlights
XBOX Right Trigger PS4 R2.png SwitchZr.png
XBOX Y Combops4tri.png SwitchX.png

Upgrades & Customization

The Snowfox is constructed on the Snowfox Hoverpad, as well as being customized on it. To equip an upgrade module, open the "Access Upgrades" panel on the left side of the Snowfox, then drag the upgrade into the slot.

The Snowfox currently has only one upgrade slot. Possible upgrades listed are boost intensity, silent running, power efficiency, acceleration, and max speed.[1]

Module Function Source Debug Spawn
1x1 default bg.png
Snowfox Jump Module Icon.png
Snowfox Jump Module
Booster configuration allows the Snowfox to initiate short jumps across terrain. Data Boxes hoverbikejumpmodule
1x1 default bg.png
Snowfox Ice Worm Attack Reduction Module Icon.png
Snowfox Ice Worm Attack Reduction Module
Reduces the amount of attacks by Ice Worms.

Data Boxes



The blueprint for this item is unlocked by scanning fragments in the Glacial Basin, Marguerit Maida's Base and the Phi Robotics Center. It is crafted in the Snowfox Hoverpad.

1x1 default bg.png
Snowfox Hoverpad Icon.png
Item Arrow.png
Magnetite Icon.png
Battery Icon.png
Lubricant Icon.png
Titanium Icon.png
Item Arrow.png
1x1 default bg.png
Snowfox Icon.png

Data Bank Entry

Snowfox Ency.png

The Snowfox is a one-person hoverbike designed for fast traversal over a wide variety of terrain.

While providing little protection for the pilot, the Snowfox can easily outmaneuver most threats, especially when upgraded with a jump module. Just don't try to take it over water.

- High speed hoverbike
- Onboard headlight
- Will make you look cool

'The Snowfox: Other ground vehicle are rabbits in its headlights.'

Source: Scan Snowfox fragments


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Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.
Like Riding a Bike Achievement.png Like Riding a Bike

Ride a Snowfox.

How to obtain: Construct a Snowfox on the Snowfox Hoverpad and ride it.