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Sonic Deterrent refers to five, roughly cubic structures constructed by the Precursor Race. They stand on three cables which connect to the hardened volcanic rock below. Sonic Deterrents can be found around the Lava Lakes, in close proximity to the Primary Containment Facility.

Their purpose is to deter the native life forms- most notably the Sea Dragon Leviathan- from straying too close to the Primary Containment Facility, according to their databank entry. However, this has no effect on any fauna in game, thus rendering them useless.

Data Bank Entry

These small alien structures are emitting high wavelength soundwaves which seem to be designed to deter indigenous lifeforms from approaching the larger facility.



  • The Sonic Deterrents look very similar in appearance to the cube - like structures around the Quarantine Enforcement Platform. It is unknown if these structures have the same purpose, or are just similar in appearance.
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