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This article is about the Sparse Arctic. You may be looking for the Arctic or the Arctic Spires.

The Sparse Arctic is a barren biome located in shallow areas under ice shelves. Because there is little sunlight that reaches the area, there is not much flora located here, but Pengwings will occasionally swim under the ice shelves into the biome, though they don’t spawn here.

The biome borders seven biomes: the Arctic Kelp Forests, East ArcticGlacial BayThermal SpiresShallow Twisty Bridges, Twisty Bridges, and the Purple Vents.


The Sparse Arctic is a large biome bordering multiple other biomes. The Sparse Arctic has a unique flora only found in the Sparse Arctic as well as on icebergs in the Arctic. This biome also contains unique Fauna like the Brinewing. The ground is sandy and the surface is covered with ice shelves. Contained within the biome are also Brinicles.

The main threat of the biome is drowning as only small portions of the surface are not blocked with ice. Titan Holefish can be a solution, as they can supply oxygen.