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This article is about the Sparse Reef. You may be looking for the Deep Sparse Reef.


Biodiversity in this region is unusually low. Cause unknown.

― PDA, Dialogue


The Sparse Reef is a biome located southwest of Lifepod 5, bordering one of the Grassy Plateaus, the Blood Kelp Trench, the Sea Treader's Path, the Grand Reef and Kelp Forests. As its name implies, this gloomy area is sparsely populated, home to a few types of small fauna and flora.

It also houses its own cave system, the Deep Sparse Reef, which can be found near the wreck in this biome.


The Sparse Reef is a large, sprawling region composed of relatively flat areas covered by green mounds scattered with Table Coral as well as large fissures where most of the Bioluminescent flora inhabit, notably the Eye Stalks. Some areas have deep drop-offs, along with basins, caves, and other irregular formations. A green-blue fog can be seen shrouded over the distinctively unsaturated landscape, creating a gloomy, desolate atmosphere.

There are also large clusters of spire-like structures found along the border of the Sparse Reef next to the Grassy Plateaus, and near the Grand Reef. Found within these spires is a small entrance to the Grand Reef Caves, towards the Southeast. Continuing southwest, a steep, dark drop into the Sea Treader's Path can be seen.

The main hazard in the Sparse Reef are the small clusters of Tiger Plants found in the deeper portions of the biome that can cause heavy damage to unaware players.

In the deeper areas of the Sparse Reef (exceeding 200 meters) a distinctive, echoing ambience can be heard, contributing to the atmosphere. This feature can also be heard in other deep, open biomes such as the Dunes, or the Sea Treader's Path.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

An Alien Vent Entrance Point and a Sanctuary Cache are found in the Deep Sparse Reef. Lifepod 19 is also found in the deep area of this biome.



  • A sample of Donald Trump saying "China"[1] is featured in the soundtrack of the Sparse Reef. Listen closely to the song above at 1:18 and 1:04.


  1. Audio artist Simon "kamakazi" Chylinski tweeted about this in January 2016.