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Spiked Horn Grass is a mid-sized decorative flora species. By striking it with a knife, Spiked Horn Grass Seeds can be obtained.


The Spiked Horn Grass appears to be a type of thorny grass with several cone-shaped shells enclosing it. The shells are a glossy light brown, and the grasses are orange-brown with lime green stripes that become more prominent near the tips.

Data Bank Entry

Spiked Horn Grass Data Bank Image.png

While it shares a closes genetic similarity with blood grass, this species has evolved to house its root system in rigid, horn-shaped enclosures.



  • The Spiked Horn Grass flora was originally planned to have a hiding animation when Fauna or the Player swam near it.
  • The Spiked Horn Grass is the only flora that cannot be put in the Bioreactor.