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The Spikey Trap is an immobile, aggressive fauna species.


The Spikey Trap consists of a huge cross-shaped base on the ground having a cross-shaped maw at its center, in which features a smaller real mouth, filled with sharp, rectangular teeth.

For the blue variant of the Spikey Trap, which is found exclusively in the Deep Twisty Bridges, the center of the base is dull blue in color, and covered with four, spiky, greyish carapace-like structures. From each corner of its mouth protrudes a total of four blue, red-tipped feelers extending upwards. At the end of each feeler sports a dark orange-colored suction pad that emits a bioluminescent glow.

The brown variant of the Spikey Trap is identical in shape compared to the ones found in the Deep Twisty Bridges. However, the pigmentation of its feelers are grey and fade to brown, and each suction pad is orange-yellow in hue. The main body of this variant is a drab, gray color, while the carapace-like structures at the ends of the body, as well as its jaws, are gold laced with orange stripes.


At rest, the Spikey Trap sits idly with its tentacles waving in the water, croaking quietly. When a suitably sized creature comes within a certain distance, the Spikey Trap is capable of lashing out its long tentacles to catch the target before drawing them into the center to be consumed.

If the player swims within range of the Spikey Trap, they will be grabbed by one of its tentacles. While being held by a tentacle, the player will be slowly drawn towards the creature and take constant damage. The tool or hand can be used to hit the tentacle with RMB, which will cause the Spikey Trap to release the player allowing them to swim free. If the player is successfully pulled into the creature's mouth, it will try to consume the player, dealing 60 damage.

Databank Entry

Spikey Trap
Spike Trap Ency.png

This highly dangerous carnivorous lifeform manages to thrive in certain environments in spite of its lack of mobility.

It quietly blends into terrain, camouflaging itself among similar-looking coral or anemone. When prey accidentally stumbles into proximity, the creature quickly lashes out with its strong, adhesive tentacles, and will attempt to pull its target into its thorny, gaping maw.

Assessment: Can be deadly to oblivious explorers. Pay attention to your environment when these creatures are present, watching and listening carefully for signs of imminent attack.

Source: Scan Spike Traps


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  • The Spikey Trap was likely heavily inspired by the Sarlacc from the Star Wars franchise, both being large sessile animals with a huge upward-facing mouth.
  • The Spikey Trap was originally intended for Subnautica, but was repurposed for Below Zero.
  • The Spikey Trap was also originally listed as a flora species, but was placed in the fauna category upon having its data bank entry added.
  • The Spikey Trap’s original color scheme is the brown variant, which was brought to Below Zero but soon deemed unfitting for the colors of the Deep Twisty Bridges biome, for which the blue variant was later created and the brown variant removed. The brown Spikey Trap was later reintroduced for usage in the Deep Lilypads Cave and Lilypads Crevice, where it fit better than the blue variant.