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The Spinner Fish is a fauna species of Subnautica: Below Zero. It was originally shown in concept art for the first Subnautica, but has now been repurposed as a Below Zero creature.


The Spinner Fish has a roughly spherical body with six fleshy protrusions sticking out at 60 degree intervals down the midline of its body. A large portion of the body near the top is pink and dotted with pale blue patches, while the rest of the body is colored yellow. A pair of small eyes with black pupils and multicolored sclerae are situated towards the front, with three siphons above each eye through which water is pumped for movement.


The Spinner Fish is a small herbivorous prey species with a peculiar method of swimming. Rather than using fins to propel itself through the water, the Spinner Fish instead uses three pairs of siphons on either side of its body for jet propulsion. As these jets are angled downwards the Spinner Fish spins around vertically when moving. What benefit this provides is unknown.

Data Bank Entry

Spinner Fish
Spinner Fish Ency.png

A bizarre fish with star-like fins which it spins to generate propulsion.

- Capable of very high speeds in a straight line
- Slow, wide turning circle
- Like other small prey fish they feed on a variety of seeds and grasses around the seabed

Assessment: Edible

Source: Scan Spinner Fish


The Spinner Fish's appearance was likely inspired by the larval form of the ocean sunfish. Its arms also resemble Sea Stars.

The concept of a spiny-looking creature that moves very quickly with a rolling motion may be inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog.




  • The Spinner Fish was first shown in the concept art of Subnautica's Sand Shark.
  • The Spinner Fish was originally suppose to be in Subnautica, but was later used for Subnautica Below Zero.