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This article is about the Spy Pengling. You may be looking for the Spy Pengling Remote.

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Without Spy Penglings, scientists may have never discovered that Penglings incubate their eggs in small cave burrows, often alongside Thermal Lily roots.

― PDA.

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The Spy Pengling is a deployable reconnaissance drone created by Samantha Ayou. It serves as a land-based alternative to the Camera Drone.


To use a Spy Pengling, the player must use a Spy Pengling Remote with RMB. The Spy Pengling has a limited range of 80 meters, however at 38 meters static starts to show up, and worsens the farther away from the player the Spy Pengling is

The Spy Pengling has two modes, "Explore" and "Document". While controlling a Spy Pengling, the player can switch between these modes with RMB.

Explore mode allows the player to move the Spy Pengling. This mode also limits to the camera to be forward-facing. A small robotic arm allows resources to be collected with LMB. The drone has a storage container that can hold up to four items. The small stature of the Spy Pengling allows it to explore otherwise inaccessible areas that are too small for the player.

The Spy Pengling is the only way to collect Snow Stalker Fur directly from Snow Stalkers.

In Document mode, the camera extends forward from the abdomen, allowing for a 360 degree view. The drone cannot move in this mode, however it does allow the player to take selfies. When the outer-view camera looks towards Robin Ayou, she will take one of several poses to pose for the camera.

Should the drone get stuck, it has the ability to self-destruct. However, it is not all terrain; it cannot enter water and taking too much damage will cause it to "die", forcing the player out of the perspective of the penguin. Robin will not deploy the Spy Pengling inside a seabase.

The Spy Pengling can make a "beep" sound with Space.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

The Spy Pengling is required to obtain the Kharaa Antidote found in a small cave in the Glacial Basin


Action Mouse & Keyboard Xbox One PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch
Place Spy Pengling
Error: Invalid Button Specified PS4 L2.png SwitchZl (BZ).png
Switch Mode
Error: Invalid Button Specified PS4 L2.png SwitchZl (BZ).png
Make "Beep" Noise
XBOX Y Combops4tri (BZ).png SwitchX (BZ).png
Collect Resources
XBOX A Combops4x (BZ).png SwitchA (BZ).png
Exit Drone Control
XBOX B Combops4circle (BZ).png SwitchB (BZ).png
Error: Invalid Button Specified PS4 Dpad Down.png SwitchDownbutton (BZ).png


When a Spy Pengling is crafted, it will feature a random name taken from a pool of 16 possible names.

  • PenGwen
  • PengWynn
  • PengJuan
  • PenGuy
  • PenGal
  • PenGarnet
  • PenGabby
  • PenGeorg
  • PenGwynedd
  • PenGlaw
  • PenGris
  • PenGili
  • PengVee
  • PengBip
  • PengJack
  • PenGrin


The blueprint for the Spy Pengling is acquired by scanning fragments in the Glacial Basin, near Marguerit Maida's Base, and the Phi Robotics Center. It is crafted in the Fabricator.

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Databank Entry

Spy Pengling
Spy Penguin Ency.png

The spy pengling provides new avenues for researchers to access natural above-ground habitats. It is especially effective at maneuvering through spaces otherwise too small for humans.

Pengwings are highly active creatures, who are protective of their young penglings. In order to better study these energetic denizens of the arctic region, Alterra scientists on 4546B had to think outside of the base.

A well-known phenomenon, the Vee Caecus principle, asserts that in order to best study fauna, one must become the fauna. Scientists across the stars have used this basic principle to infiltrate and observe alien creatures of all sizes and dispositions. Drs. Caecus, Curtis, Tuson, and McBeth pioneered these accomplishments.

Inspired by this, and after months of trial-and-error, the first spy pengling was crafted at Phi Robotics Center, bringing about a new era of exploration and excavation across all operating outposts.

(Warning: Research to create a waterproof edition of the spy pengling was halted due to compliance concerns. Currently, contact with water will result in complete system failure.)

Features include:

Fully customizable outer shell to replicate any small, bipedal creature
Two all-terrain tracks for smooth movement over rough conditions
Remote controller for operating at distances up to 80 meters away (atmosphere dependent)
Four storage slots
Self-destruct option in case of danger or immobility
Arm with three-pronged claw for picking up samples
Fully detachable camera with 180 degree rotation to observe spy pengling and surrounds

‘The Spy Pengling: Sit back, relax, and let the robot do the hard work.’

Source: Scan Spy Pengling fragments


File Type
Border off
Border on
Camera movement end
Camera movement loop
Camera movement start
Catch fail
Catch success
Deploy camera
Interior idle
Damaged interior idle
Invalid camera deploy
Damaged move
Out of range
Retract cam
Take picture
Voice deploy cam 1
Voice deploy cam 2
Voice deploy cam 3
Voice enter 1
Voice enter 2
Voice enter 3
Voice enter 4
Voice enter 5
Voice enter 6
Voice enter 7
Voice exit 1
Voice exit 2
Voice exit 3
Voice exit 4
Voice hit wall 1
Voice hit wall 2
Voice hit wall 3
Voice hit wall 4
Voice hit wall 5
Voice hit wall 6
Voice hit wall 7
Voice hit wall 8
Voice hit wall 9
Voice hit wall 10
Voice hit wall 11
Voice hit wall 12
Voice hit wall 13
Voice hit wall 14
Voice hit wall 15
Voice hit wall 16
Voice horn 1
Voice horn 2
Voice horn 3
Voice horn 4
Voice horn 5
Voice horn 6
Voice love 1
Voice love 2
Voice love 3
Voice love 4
Voice love 5
Voice max storage reached 1
Voice max storage reached 2
Voice max storage reached 3
Voice rebuilt 1
Voice rebuilt 2
Voice rebuilt 3
Voice rebuilt 4
Voice rebuilt 5
Voice rebuilt 6
Voice selfdestruct 1
Voice selfdestruct 2
Voice selfdestruct 3
Voice selfdestruct 4
Voice selfdestruct 5
Voice selfdestruct 6
Voice take picture 1
Voice take picture 2
Voice take picture 3
Voice take picture 4


Main article: Achievements

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.
Spy Pengling Achievement.png Spy Pengling

Construct a spy pengling.

How to obtain: Scan and fabricate a Spy Pengling.



  • The Spy Pengling was a fan collaboration presented by UWE staff member Scott MacDonald at the late 2018 retreat. The full presentation, created by Vee Caecus, BippityBop, Dinofuzz, and Jack Tuson, can be found here.[1]
  • Four of the possible sixteen names for the Spy Pengling are the names of the presentation creators, those being PengVee, PengBip, PengJack, and PenGrin.
  • By placing a Spy Pengling anywhere, you can create a makeshift beacon if you are in need of one.