Stalker Teeth are a Raw Material sometimes dropped by Stalkers when they pick an object, usually Titanium or Metal Salvage.

A good method to obtain Stalker Teeth is to drop several Metal Salvage near the creature, as they sometimes leave behind a single tooth after picking the Salvage up. With two or three piles close to each other the Stalker will swim back and forth between them almost indefinitely. Other methods for gathering teeth include placing Camera Drones near a Stalker, letting a Stalker attack a Seamoth or a Prawn Suit, crashing into Stalker with a Seamoth or punching them with a Prawn Suit. One can also use a Grav Trap to hold the Stalkers near the metal scrap and collect the teeth as they fall. Beware that the crashing or punching will usually kill the Stalker in two or three hits.

A nearby Stalker dropping a tooth is indicated by a loud cracking sound, as if breaking a bone, and a low tone. Checking the immediate surroundings as the audible range is quite short (~50 meter radius).

Stalker teeth glow faintly in the dark, reminiscent of the early build Quartz before they received their current model. If one wishes to roam Stalker-infested waters without directly engaging with them, doing so at night makes it easier to spot teeth on the seabed.

It is not possible to obtain Stalker Teeth by killing Stalkers.

Uses in CraftingEdit

Fabricator Edit

Stalker ToothGlassArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Enameled Glass

Energy ValueEdit

Stalker ToothArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×70

Data Bank Entry Edit

Extended analysis of acquired dental samples has been completed. Samples matched to species designated 'stalker'.

Stalker teeth exhibit extraordinary lightness and strength, and contain only trace amounts of calcium. The edges show signs of wear, and are studded with metal flakes, providing evidence that the stalkers chew on metal deposits in order to sharpen their teeth.

Assessment: Applications as a natural substrate in enameled glass fabrication

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