This page is a gallery for all things related to Steam Badges for Subnautica.

Earning Badges

As you play Subnautica from the Steam platform, you will earn Steam Trading Cards that go into your Steam inventory. Subnautica has a total of fourteen different trading cards to collect. You will earn one card approximately ever 30 minutes of gameplay, and you can earn up to seven cards this way, each of which can be a duplicate of another card. For the other seven or more to complete your collection, you must trade with another player, buy them off the Steam Marketplace, or open Subnautica booster packs which are acquired randomly whether you are playing Subnautica or not. Once you have accumulated fourteen different Subnautica trading cards, you can turn those cards into a Subnautica badge, which will grant you Steam experience, a Subnautica-related emoticon that can be used in Steam chat, and a Subnautica-related Steam background to be used on your Steam profile.