Storage 03

An example of storing items in the player's inventory

Storage commonly refers to containers in which items can be stored. All items occupy a number of inventory slots in a square or rectangle shape. Small items like Titanium and Lithium occupy only one slot in storage, while large items like the Waterproof Locker can occupy up to nine slots in storage. A Reefback Leviathan that was grown in the Alien Containment will take up sixteen slots in storage.

In the beginning, the player only has their own inventory, which can be accessed by using the PDA, and the storage unit inside Lifepod 5. As the player progresses through the game, they will gain access to various other containers that they can craft, in which to store items.

Types of storage

Picture Name Inventory slots (x|y) Total inventory slots
Carry-all 3x3 9
Cyclops Storage Locker 3x6 18
Inventory 6x8 48
Lifepod 5 Transparent
Lifepod 5 Storage 4x8 32
Locker 6x8 48
Neptune Rocket Transparent
Neptune Escape Rocket 3x6 54
Prawn Suit
Prawn Suit Storage 6x4
(6x5 with one Storage Module, 6x6 with two, 6x7 with three, 6x8 with four)
(30 with one Storage Module36 with two, 42 with three, 48 with four)
Seamoth Storage Module Container 4x4

16 (one Storage Module)
32 (two)
48 (three)
64 (four)

Wall Locker
Wall Locker 5x6 30
Waterproof Locker
Waterproof Locker 4x4 16