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The Storage Module is an Upgrade Module that gives the Seamoth a 4×4 Storage locker, and increases the default Prawn Suit storage by 6 spaces.



The Storage Module changes the Seamoth differently depending on which slot of the Seamoth's upgrade panel it is applied to. A container is created on the Seamoth based on the corresponding slot it is placed in.

Each Seamoth container has a capacity of 16 storage slots (4×4) and can be opened when outside the Seamoth. With a maximum of four Storage Modules, it is possible to have 64 storage slots on a single Seamoth. If the vehicle using the Storage Module is destroyed, all of the contents of the Storage Module and the module itself will be lost.

Prawn Suit

When installed in the Prawn Suit, it will add a row of six storage spaces to the Prawn Suit's 6×4 inventory. Up to four Storage Modules can be added and stack with each other, each one adding a row of six storage spaces for a total of 6×8 spaces.


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  • A Storage Module can be found inside the Prawn Bay of the Aurora. It is found on the floor close to the wall where multiple large Prawn Suit fragments are located. Putting out the fires will make it easier to locate.


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