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Baselerson Baselerson 4 days ago

Strategy Gameplay

Hello, Heather here! I'm writing this blog so everyone reading can complete the Subnautica gameplay! I'll be opening a new save, look for new updates…

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TeamTrees! TeamTrees! 10 days ago

My Subnautica Story

/QEP/ ///Unknown ship entering planet, Activating laser///

/Holister/ what theeeeeee

///Alarm Activates///

/Holister/ Get In The Life Pods!

/riley/ (gets…

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Toolazy20 Toolazy20 20 days ago


w o t

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Luhoha gaming Luhoha gaming 23 days ago

Story time!

Story time! So when i was exploring with my PRAWN suit i glitched trough floor and got completely stuck in void my screen shakes violently and it cra…

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Gifted Rascal Bee749 Gifted Rascal Bee749 25 days ago

I Wish...

I Wish I Could Teleport

I Wish I Had Infinite Money (and a bank account)

I Wish I Had Robux

I Wish I Had Minecoins

I Wish I Had Flamingo Merch

I Wish I Wa…

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