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Supply Crates are containers dropped during the crash landing of the Aurora that contain a single random item. Many Supply Crates spawn on the remains of the ruptured front of the Aurora after it has exploded, or inside Wrecks found near the Aurora. Other Supply Crates spawn close to the Aurora. Some can be found in various rooms inside the Aurora, such as the Prawn Bay. Most of them spawn in the Radiation zone, though, which is inaccessible without a Radiation Suit.

The Supply Crate does not have any item slots. Instead, activating it opens its lid, revealing a single item inside, which can be picked up. Once the item is taken, the Supply Crate will remain open and empty. Its lid can still be closed, however, but this does not affect anything.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

Supply Crates can also be found in the Floating Island Degasi Seabase and the Jellyshroom Caves Degasi Base.




  • The Supply Crate was renamed to the Vac-Pack at one point, and stayed like that for a long period of time until it was eventually renamed back to the Supply Crate.
  • The Supply Crate was once intended to have a locked variation, only accessible via Laser Cutter. This was repurposed for the sequel, Below Zero, called the Sealed Crate.