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The "Symbiote" is an aggressive fauna species known for living in a symbiotic relationship with the Titan Holefish.


The Symbiote's body is small, and is divided into two distinct parts: the short but wide anterior region and the long, thin translucent posterior region.

The anterior region features a sharp black beak and a pair of orange eyes with black, horizontal pupils. Three slim red fins protrude from just behind this region, each tapering to a point and situated at 120 degree intervals.

The posterior region from the red fins down is drastically different from the anterior part, being composed of a red, translucent tissue through which the ribs and spinal column are visible. Four pairs of small, translucent black spikes protrude from the body on the dorsal and ventral side. Towards the posterior end, the red flesh near the caudal fin transitions to black, then transitions again to blue.


These small aggressive creatures live in a symbiotic relationship with the Titan Holefish. Symbiotes lay their eggs within a blue gel-like substance in the tail hollow of the Titan Holefish. Here the eggs can extract the nutrients and oxygen in order to grow. In return the adult Symbiotes form shoals around the Titan Holefish, attacking any potential predators that come close and removing parasites from the Titan's body.

If a Symbiote is picked up by hand, it will have a chance to be caught. But if it is not caught, it will bite the player and free itself. However, they can be safely picked up with the Propulsion Cannon or the Sea Truck Aquarium Module or when it dies. (Please note that the Symbiote can damage you for 6 damage).

Data Bank Entry

Symbiote Ency.png

A small, fast predator which nests inside the hole of the titan holefish and defends them at all costs.

- Symbiotes feed mostly on over-confident predators which attack the titan holefish
- Expending huge energy reserves to move quickly and strike their targets, the symbiote is dependent on receiving additional warmth and oxygen from the titan holefish
- Symbiotes lay their eggs inside the gills of the titan holefish
- The waste left behind is absorbed by the titan, constituting all the nutrients it needs to survive

Assessment: Catch or neutralize to approach the titan holefish

Source: Scan Symbiotes


The beak of the Symbiote is very similar in structure to the beaks of birds within the family Psittacidae, aka parrots. The behaviour of the Symbiote towards the Titan Holefish resembles the cleaning behaviours displayed by several real world animals.


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