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This article is about Table Coral. You may be looking for Table Coral Sample.

Table Coral is a harvestable Coral species.


Table Corals come in four different colors, namely red, green, blue, and purple. The red variety is far more common than the other three and can easily be found in the Safe Shallows. They are disk-shaped and have several small luminescent "jewels" on their top and bottom.

Table Corals are usually found attached to walls, but most types of the coral can be observed growing upwards from the seabed. Table Corals are known to pulsate.

Data Bank Entry

Each disk is an individual colony of microorganisms, filtering nutrients from the water.

Growth patterns indicate the colonies are in direct competition for positions with superior current or light. Unlike other coral species its structure is malleable, softly pulsating as it pumps nutrients to its extremities, and only turning rigid when it senses physical assault.

The jewel-like nodes in the surface are concentrated build-ups of rare minerals the coral is unable to process.

Assessment: Exploitable in computer chip fabrication