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The tether tool facilitates instant travel to a paired seatruck teleportation module. lon cube required for use.

― PDA.


The Tether Tool is a tool that allows the player to teleport back to their Seatruck Teleportation Module from a distance. The tether connects to the Teleportation Module, which is required for it to work.


To teleport into the Seatruck, press RMB while holding the Tether Tool. It requires one Ion Cube per three teleports to function. An Ion Cube can be inserted into a Tether Tool with R.

Until such a time as the capacity to recharge an Ion Cube is implemented in the game, it is advisable to replace the Ion Cube powering the Tether Tool after ≤2 uses; this is because upon the third activation of this tool the currently-installed Ion Cube will be consumed entirely, rendering it lost. However, if an Ion Cube that is between 1/3rds and 2/3rds depleted is replaced in the Tether Tool with a new Ion cube, the partially-used Cube can then be used for crafting (e.g., to create an Ion Battery or a Recyclotron), which will inadvertently recharge the cube, thus retaining the cube's usefulness. After deconstructing the item the recharged cube can be used again in the Tether Tool or crafted into other items.


Action Mouse & Keyboard Xbox One PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch
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Change Ion Cube
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The blueprint for this item is acquired by scanning ten Architect Artifacts. It is crafted in the Fabricator.

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  • The Tether Tool was originally going to be called the Teleportation Tool, and shared a model with the Flashlight.
  • The Tether Tool will always teleport the player to the first teleportation module built even if more are built afterwards.