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The Crater is the area in which the main story of Subnautica takes place. The Crater and Sector Zero are the two major ecosystem centers known on Planet 4546B.

Geological Information

The area is the crater of a huge, long-dormant undersea volcano approximately three kilometers in height and two kilometers in diameter. After the volcano became dormant the crater was filled in by sediments and the once volatile volcano became the center of a diverse and thriving ecosystem.

The area is likely a guyot; a type of undersea volcanic formation that once protruded above the surface and has now been eroded into a tabletop below the ocean's surface.

The area around the volcano is known as the dead zone or crater edge. It is a barren expanse of empty water inhabited only by plankton and their planktivorous Leviathan class predators.

Within the crater are multiple ecological Biomes. Each is diverse in its very own way. Biomes range from Underwater Islands to Kelp Forests, each supporting their own unique Fauna and Flora.

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