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This article is about the Thermal Spires. You may be looking for the Hydrothermal Spire or the Thermal Spires Caves.

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Mineral-rich crevices detected below. Geothermal activity detected. Caution advised.


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The Thermal Spires is one of the three divisions of the thermal zone. The biome contains a large amount of tall hydrothermal stacks called Hydrothermal Spires that give the biome its name.

The biome borders the Sparse Arctic, two of the Arctic Kelp Forests, Delta Island, Tree Spires, Purple Vents, and the Twisty Bridges.


The Thermal Spires is the first thermal biome the player will most likely visit and is one of the safest. The biome has many threats, most notably the Rock Puncher and the Cryptosuchus. The northern section has many trenches with a large supply of Harvesting Nodes, and contains many entrances to the Thermal Spires Caves.

The southern portion of the biome features more rugged and plateaued terrain compared to the rest of the biome. Sharing a border with the Tree Spires, flora such as the Tornado Plates, Blooming Raindrops, and Reaper's Wineglass thrive within the area, albeit to a lesser degree. In addition, Coral growths that are normally seen on the "branches" of Tree Spires flourish on the nearby Hydrothermal Spires as well. An entrance to the Koppa Mining Site can be found within a large crevice in the area.