• Dear Admin,

    I have an idea for a new page, but the guidelines, as far as I could tell, do not specify what warrents a new page.  This page would cover power, and what is used for, as well as list sources of power, eg. batteries, solar panels, and thermal reactor modules.  Also, either a seperate page or this same one, could contain a comparison list of seabase power sources, for example;

    Solar Panel

    • Pros

       No Post-Building Maintenance

       Low Building Cost

    • Cons

        Low Maximum Charge (75 Units)

        Ineffective in Low Sunlight

    My apologies if this is not where I was supposed to go.



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    • P.S.  I am not quite sure what happened with the bullet points, and my computer really does not want to let me edit my comment again to fix it.

      EDIT: And now it has magically fixed itself, kind of anyway.

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    • That's already covered on this page, thanks for offering to help out though.

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    • Oh, my bad.  I was looking for Power (As I believe that is what is displayed on the HUD when in a seabase), and did not think to look for energy.  I should have tried a few more variations I guess.

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    • A FANDOM user
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