• IDEAS for subnautica: -crafting: 1. submarina plane (You can fly and maximum depth 100) 2. air boat 3. drones (pick materials for you, max 6 for example, and goes to a position where you can pick) 4. submarine robots (like Stalker, pick Scrap Metal and leading to the base) 5. console for control the ships, robots, drones, ect. 6. oxygen generator 7.light generator. 8. pump water extraction.

    - GAMEPLAY: 1. More random events (like tidal wave, tsunami, swirls, storm,ect), and something hapends 2. creative mode 3. more things to spend the energy 4. need more surprises, it is a bit repetitive and no wonder after a while playing 5. Food and drink is a bit exhausting, maybe it is slower, dont know. 6. more wildlife.

    going on the right track, I really like, has much potential, so continue...

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    • How about a severe drop off which goes for miles. It would be the perfect place where to use the Draconis and Manta concept because they are huge and need a huge place to roam. The drop off could also be the home of many huge sea creatures bigger than the reefback.

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    • There is already a dropoff area - the edge of the crater, which goes down indefinetely and is the home of the Ghost Leviathans. 

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